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Hair Straightening Cream150ml

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100% Brand new quality
Net content: 150ml

Contains plant collagen and vitamin E ingredients, nourish the hair, strengthen the hair, protect the hair color and improve the natural elasticity of the hair, with the effect of reducing the degree of hair damage after the hot, smoothing and no damage to hair.

Usage method:
1. Wash your hair and blow it to 80% dry.
2. Apply the product on the hair 2 cm away from the scalp. The softening time depends on the personal hair quality.
The natural curl thick hair is roughly 25-35 minutes, the natural curl fine hair is about 20-25 minutes;
The normal hair has not been ironed or dyed is about 17-25 minutes, the normal hair is about 20-30 minutes;
The permed curly hair but not dyed about 8-18 minutes, and the permed curly hair and dyed it about 8 -13 Minutes (use time should not exceed 35 minutes);
Note: Every 5 minutes to test once until the hair complete soften.
3. After softening (hair can be lengthened 1-2 times) rinse with warm water (do not use shampoo, rinse time should not exceed 5 minutes), blow dry;
4. According to different hair quality, adjust the splint temperature to 140-180 degrees Celsius, form an angle of 90 degrees, and then pull it down to 45 degrees.
5. Suggest to apply nutritional care products, and then comb the hair quickly penetrate into the hair layer.
6.After finishing the hair straightening, please do not wash hair in 3 days.

Package Included:
1pcs Hair straightening cream