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Hair Edge Control Gel

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High-quality styling gel, made from vitamins, proteins and extracts of medicinal plants with highly healthy-protective and nourishing properties. A water base alcohol free gel, rich in natural ingredients, that can be use on any type of hair. It is also, friendly with children’s hair. Stylizes and fixes hair in the desired manner with a fresh and moist appearance.  It never leaves white residue behind.


  • The main ingredient of hair wax sticks are natural beeswax, castor seed oil and wild paint fruit wax etc.
  • Increase the texture of the hair to make the hair more clean and tidy.
  • Finish the broken hair, the smell is fresh and elegant, and the hair is not greasy.
  • Long lasting effect, easy to clean, no residue.
  • Small size, convenient to carry, and tidy up broken hair at any time.


1. Dip some water with a fine-toothed comb, and use a comb to smooth the small hair along the required finishing direction.
2. Twist out a part of the hair-breaking rod, twist out a small amount each time, and apply evenly (the attention should be small).
3. Apply a few times (smear in the same direction) on the small broken hair that needs to be trimmed along the place to be trimmed, and apply a small amount evenly.
4. After the application, use a fine-toothed comb to comb it again, so that the small pieces of hair will be subdued.



1 - Hair Edge Control Gel