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Face Oil Absorbing Roller

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Let us present you THE most innovative solution you need for your oily and shiny skin! Our 100% genuine volcanic stone always keeps your skin looking clean and feeling fresh with a mattifying effect all the time! No need to go rooting around for blotting paper/ sheets / powder anymore!


  • 1 Volcanic Roller and 2 Replaceable Volcanic Balls. Oil-Absorbing volcanic face roller is reusable. Generally, the Volcanic roller can be used 120 times
  • Instant effective. You can use the oil absorbing roller on your face with and without makeup. It will soak up any excess oil and shiny on your face instantly. The roller won’t mess up your makeup
  • USE: Roll the volcanic stone roller over your T-zone (across your forehead and down your nose), or anywhere you have excess oil. You will see the used color change from light brown to dark
  • Easy to wash. After use, you can twist the roller’s ring to unlock and pull out the stone. Wash it with soft cleaner, rinse it and then air-dry in a ventilated place
  • Convenient to carry. The face roller is not too big to be carried. It easy to be put in your makeup bag and hand bag. You can use the oil absorbing roller on your face with and without makeup


1 - Face Oil Absorbing Roller