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Anti Wrinkle Patches

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Eliminate wrinkles while you sleep and enjoy having smooth plump skin once again.

Unlike many other brands, that use thin and flimsy silicon with a weak grip which end up falling off. We use high quality medical grade silicone gel pads that last and deliver beautiful results over and over again. They are washable, reusable, and able to last up to 15 days!


  • Promotes skin plumping - Keep the skin on your chest area plump, smooth and wrinkle-free with an adhesive silicone chest pad, it locks in moisture and helps boost collagen production in the skin
  • Visible results within hours of use - Our wrinkle reducer pads will begin to work within hours from when you first put them on, say goodbye to ineffective creams that fail to deliver results
  • Maximum coverage - Each silicone pad measures 6.7x7.3 inches, it is ergonomically designed for more coverage to provide optimal chest wrinkle prevention and skin treatment of the decollete area


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