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V Face Shape Thin Face

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Helps you to create a V-face without fear of embarrassment of big face. These face lifting patches can be applied before attending important occasions or parties. Stick it on your face to make a perfect V-shape line. Let yourself shine and make your glamour last all day.

Environmentally friendly materials, safe to use, healthy, soft and comfortable. It should shrink the sagging facial muscles and shape your face. Helps shape a slim, firm face and create a beautiful face.


  • Waterproof, with strong elasticity, your face will not be tight. Immediately lift and firm the skin to create a V-shaped face.
  • There are 40 hypoallergenic, breathable, medical grade scotch tape.
  • Lifting: The face and neck lifting system enhances loose skin and eliminates wrinkles on the face, neck chin and eye area.

Material: rubber
Package Included:
40pcs/set of Face sticker